Text Messaging By Chicken

I hate text messaging. It seems everyone these days uses it for chatting. Which really pisses me off. See, cell phones are made for talking. Same as any other kind of telephone. Unlike telephones, cell phones come with the nice feature of this thing called text messaging. Personally, my idea of text messaging is for a quick little "call me" or "ill be there in 5 minutes"; not "hey wuts up omg i just met the cutest guy in the world lmao i can only type 160 characters but im going to type so much itll send you 3 different messages just to read this all".

It's ridiculous. You type on a little keypad with 10 keys for 26 different letters, on a phone, when you could just as easily hit the send button and call that person, using your mouth with a lot of muscles for making any possible letter, word, sentence, or sound ever.

The Future

It's gotten so bad that I can text without looking at the keypad. I wouldn't be surprised to see them giving Text-padding classes, to learn how to text faster. Type 10 TPM! The government will need texters. And people will continue to not pay attention to the stoplight turning green, because they are texting. The future will be a bleak one.

Unless we make a change. Save the world from cramped thumbs and pointless messages, and text responsibly.