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9.27.06 - 9:52 pm
Welp, I've made a LOT of progress over the past few days. I now have up and running, and you can submit your work there.. I finished some things for a few of the new sections that there are going to be once everything is 100% complete, and best of all, I figured out the layout I want for the flash animation/games pages. And to go with that, I added The BUTTONS! complete with high scores for FlashStuf. And if you look above.. TIMES! Have been added for the news. I thought it was a good idea. As for when everything will be completely finished.. I'm goin' for October 2.

I just keep coming up with more stuff to add. So basically, it's lookin' like a little later than October 3. I do have some new styles though, basically old ones just now compatible with the new site: capitalization sux and YELLING!

I'm almost completely done with the main sections of the site, along with the new sections that I'll be putting up when the entire site is done. The only problem I've run into is doing the flash content pages. I need some feedback on this one, so you can go to the forums (you don't have to be a member) and tell me what you think.

This redesigning has been taking me a lot longer than I first expected.. Especially since I haven't had too much time to work on it lately. However some very good improvements have come out of it, and whenver I finish a good chunk I've uploaded it for you all to enjoy. The lastest being the Archives section, it's all been spread out to a different page for each month, instead of loading one huge page. I'm probably at about 45% with the entire site right now.. the animation pages are gonna take a while. Right now, I'm aiming for all this to be done by October 3rd.

So the last time wasn't exactly a full "finishing" the site. I had a lot more to do and still do, but I'm working on it constantly right now and have been since I last updated. Basically I finally got it all to look the way I want it to. I also updated most of the styles to work with the new, well re-design and I think it'll all work much better this time. Also, there's a new style: Classic Style which is how it looked back in July 2005 after the first re-design.

I've finally finished updating the site. I was going to completely redesign it, but the current layout seems to be working fine. Plus I needed to get it all functional again so I could update it. However, I did re-design the flash content pages (games, animations). Starting today the Featured Work section is now being re-introduced, however the Top 10 Animations have been removed for now.

I also tried getting rid of a lot of the links to other sites, and stuff to promote the site and crap. Those haven't really been doing anything lately anyways. I cleaned it up a bit, i think things look better now.. I just have a few more animation pages to finish up and everything will be up and running again.