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Added a new page where you can swap links and be put on this page, (here) and 3 new games: Madness Interactive, Divine Intervention, and Lust for Bust. Enjoy.

Well as you might've noticed, I took off the link to one of the styles on the front page, but i made 2 new pages to the site... Customize - where you can change the style, and get info on how to submit your own style, and a Chatterbox page - that has the chatterbox from before I changed the site around. As far as more updates, I'm gonna try to finish my Let's wait in line game today, but I don't know how that'll work seeing how much other stuff I have to do today. You can still check back later, cause i might have some more other stuff.

Sorry about the lack of updates, but of course now school has been taking up most of my time. I do have 2 new games for you.. Duck Hunt and The Classroom. I might update again later today, so check back then. Oh and there's now a FlashStuf Top Site List so if you have a site, you can add it there or just check out some of the sites on there (although there isnt any on there right now). Update: And i re-did a reallly old animation: Fart 1.1, and a final movie for the day.. Final Fantasy A+.

So I decided to go ahead and make Let's Wait in Line! into an actual game, and to at least have it finished by NOW, but it'll be a few more days before I get that finished. Until then, we have another new game similar to Pingu Throw, called Orca Slap. Also a new style that I was just messing around with.. A Pain in the Eyes. And finally Mario Twins, with music from Group X, the ones who did Bang Bang Bang. And the last thing, just made a banner for the site..

And if you want to put it on your site, copy this code:
<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

I'm working on a page where you can find different links to go here, and where you can sign up to trade links, so look for that soon. Update: Just added Banner, which is just basically a close up of the banner above, becuase theres a lot of detail that you can see in the tiny banner, so I just decided to add it. While I'm at it, there's also Coconuts.