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Matt Baer - Now making a new series called "The Gas Station". This will be my first series, and I'm aiming for a new episode every week or two. I already have 4 episodes planned, so I should be able to finish them quickly. I will most likely have the first one done in a few days, so check back at least by the end of the week and you can see it.
Matt Baer - Got a new animation for the week... Plus got an extra voice actor. See it here.
Webmaster - You can now get here by typing We also have a forum, located here. Matt Baer - At last! I have finished the "Tribute to Chikin n Cheez". It is 1 min 16.9 sec long. But it has the credits at the end, too.
Webmaster - The page that has the animation on it has now changed probably for good now, but only the animation "From here to there" and ones after will be on this new page. Click on "From here to there or Chikin Cheez" to see the preview of it and the new page layout. Also, animations will be given awards and you can post revies on it!
Webmaster - There is now a "Coming Soon" page for the animations that are coming soon. Click on any animation that has Coming Soon next to it to see a preview (if available), or just the quick animation I made that just says "Coming Soon"
Matt Baer - I have made an updated version of the Syncronized retardos. It includes a preloader since there have been some problems with it. See the page for more. And I got the fart animation a couple days ago.
Webmaster - The other flash animations are now updated on pages where you can vote for them. Matt Baer - I have made my first interactive flash animation, where you get to choose what happens. I do not have it yet, because it is on a different computer and I need it e-mailed. It is not fully complete, because if you choose the 1st person, it will show what happens to them and the second person. I might have the animation by tomorrow.