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10.31.06 - 10:13 pm
Happy Halloween from FlashStuf!
Although a bit late, all of us at FlashStuf (as in me and myself) would like to wish you all a happy halloween. And would also like to announce the now-annual FlashStuf Halloween update that I will be continuing next year! (because last year's attempt failed)

So to start off the update, we have some new flash: Halloween House, along with a new and final update of Slope (version 1.4). And back to the old Default style again.

10.23.06 - 3:48 pm
Added a new calculator program that's actually a game (making it the first): Guess. Added Group X - Cereal Bawks at the request of a forum user over this weekend, and yesterday I added a feedback form, along with a questions form, and a yet-to-be-filled-out FAQ page.

10.21.06 - 1:45 am
I updated the forums a bit today.. I figured out I can make them so it doesn't just show "" at the top the whole time and makes it blend into the site better. Basically, it looks a lot nicer now. We could use some new members, by the way.

10.19.06 - 11:13 pm
Today I'm opening the new Text section of the site. Basically, this'll have some stories, editorials, anything written. There's only 1 thing for it as of right now, but you can submit your own text to be put up, by going here. And there have been quite a few new additions to the calculator section and a new tutorial recently. Check 'em out.

10.16.06 - 4:34 pm
I added another calculator game a few days ago, but recently I've been fixing up the Help section to be a little more informative. In particular I did most of the work on the Submit Content page. Also, you can help me out by clicking Yes or No to whether or not the help is very well, helpful. I'm also only putting up the past week's worth of news on here. So it'll take up less space. I'm also beginning work on a new Text section that I should have up soon.

10.11.06 - 11:43 pm
Added a picture by myself to the Images section today (the first one), and another new section, TI Calculator Programs and Games. This one, however, comes a bit more prepared with 4 things. It's also a bit different, with counters for downloads, along with descriptions on the front page. So if you have a TI-83 or 84 or something of the sort, you can download some programs there. Those downloads are also in the Charts section. Also there're a ton more programs I have that'll be added when it's not so late.

10.10.06 - 7:13 pm
In the spirit of the month, the new default style is now Halloween. New-comers to the site will have it as a default, but others can just click the above link to check it out. Also, there's a new game I'm currently working on that I'll be putting up soon, along with updating the old animations.

10.5.06 - 5:04 pm
This is what you've all been waiting for.. Today I've put up the new Charts, Tutorial, Feeds, and Image sections. And to go with it all, there's a new style, Greyscale.

Going along with this, although it's been this way for a few days now, you may now upload .jpg (image) files at If they are accepted after you submit them, they'll be added to the site in the new Image section. Soon you'll also be able to submit your own tutorials in text form. For now, you can (as always) submit a tutorial made in flash. Just make sure you specify it is a tutorial, and it will be added to the tutorial section.

Also, it looks like we'll be getting a bunch of new work from Cheez soon, so make sure to check back for that.

10.1.06 - 10:58 pm
Looks like it's gonna take me a bit longer. Today I worked on something to make re-doing the flash pages much easier, and tomorrow I'll be going through them all. I can't do much tonight because my laptop battery is gonna die in a few minutes and I don't have the charger. So everything is looking good! And there will be plenty of new content and features for you in just a few days.