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Sorry for the lack of updates again but I've just been busy with school and everything. However I got a new game Gun Run and hopefully I'll get a chance to add some more later today. And yes, I have been slacking off on the flash, mainly because of how busy I've been but for any one who DOES have the time to make animations, go on over to the forums and submit some stuff. Hey maybe it might encourage me to update more..

Well I've been busy this week so I didn't get to update.. What I was going to say is that I'm trying to get this site to work with both Internet Explorer and Firefox but I'm having a lot of issues with that. Especially how I can get the navigation to highlight the entire row in Firefox. So some of the styles are also kinda messed up right now, but I'll fix that, and put a few more animations/games on here later today when I'm not so tired. Until then, enjoy Submachine.

Update: Sorry for the delay, but l've been busy as usual.. right now I have Punk-O-Matic and I'm planning on adding some more by tomorrow.

Update Again: Added Learn to Dance with Napoleon Dynamite, and Cursors (which I'm still working on, just wanted to put up). Enjoy those for now, and I should update again soon. (In case you were wondering, all the updates are because of the all-of-a-sudden 100+ visitors a day that I just started getting last week which is pretty crazy cause that's a big improvement. And remember you can always help us out and trade links or just link to us with this code:

<a href="../"><img src="" border=0></a>

One last thing.. remember that there is a forum where you can talk and sign up and submit your work and stuff.. and if you don't want to type in the long name it's simply Only saying this because a lot of people come back to visit and you can talk to everyone at the forums. It's great.

So I got a movie, (Chocobo Robo Voice (FF Tribute)), a game, (Bullettime Fighting), and fixed up the Shiny style, which I think looks a little better, except for the link color. I just can't seem to find a good color.. Oh and I also made the default style have the same effect. Which looks VERY good. Also expect a new movie soon, and (hopefully) me finishing the new Let's Wait In Line! soon.

Update: Added a very good (in my opinion) movie, Sin City Tribute.
Also I was messing around with a new style, YELLING!, and sticking to that same kind of theme, capitalization sux (which I actually kinda like).
One last thing.. In case no one has noticed (which is what it looks like), you can go to the Customize page and get all of the styles on this site. You can also vote on the poll there, because I need to know the top 3 styles for me to put on the front page. So check it out.

Another Update: New game: Mini-Putt. I'll update again tomorrow with some more things about the site and such.