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Webmaster - We now have a new artist that is just starting with flash and should have at least one animation by the end of this week. And, because of this, the layout and setup with change A LOT. And I'm sorry I'm not changing all of the pages, but it is just a lot of work. But just know that all the ones that had the older formats were done by Matt Baer. Also, take a sneak peek at the new layout here.
Matt Baer - I will be starting on my very first game in flash. I will be kind of simple, but after I have learned all the stuff off of my previous stuff, I should be able to make this a good game. Webmaster - Since I had some problems with the spacing between the animation titles and the ratings, I just created a format for all the information. There is a key for the layout at the top.
Webmaster - I made a key to make it easier to see wether the animation is coming soon, if you can preview it, or if it is done.
Matt Baer - Yesterday, I finished the first episode of The Gas Station, and I will start the next episode soon.