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11.30.06 - 11:47 pm
I finally got around to making a poll for the site, which I've been meaning to do ever since the redesign. I would already have a Poll section of the site if it wasn't so late. I'm going to be busy this weekend so hopefully on Sunday or somewhere in between, you'll see that. I'll also polish it all up. Don't forget to vote!

11.29.06 - 9:55 pm
Added a whole slew of calculator programs today and fixed up the calculator section a bit. Also, the calculator top charts are limited to the top 10, now that there are 12 programs total. Still working on new sections, and soon a new style.

11.26.06 - 10:57 pm
After much delay, The Slippery Slide of Death Episode 4 is now done! You can view the newest episode at; you can view it on FlashStuf later tomorrow afternoon.

Also, the Featured Work section has been added again after a temporary down period. Hopefully a new text soon, as well! Enjoy!

11.23.06 - 1:50 pm
Happy Thanksgiving from FlashStuf! I added a few new Myspace Tools today in case you're stuck at home on the computer today. So, enjoy, and have a happy and safe Turkey Day.

11.22.06 - 11:31 pm
Sorry for not exactly carrying through with those new updates (besides Let's Wait In Line).. I got kinda discouraged with animating the end of Episode 4, and I've just been really busy lately.

I'm finally caught up with most of my stuff, and now I'm working on finishing all the flash pages of the site, even though I've been saying that for months. There will be updated bunches of pages in sporadic bursts until I get it all done basically. Also, now 2 new sections coming soon once I get enough content for both of them.

11.17.06 - 5:17 pm
Well, I got a little caught up yesterday so I couldn't finish Episode 4, however hopefully tonight I will have that, along with a new Let's Wait In Line! update. I've also begun work on a new section for the site, one I had planned a while ago. The first two should be up sooner than the last one.

11.16.06 - 2:36 am
Just a heads up, The Slippery Slide of Death is coming back! At least for now. I'll be putting Episode 4 on the site later today when I finish it. I'm just too tired now. So check back!

11.12.06 - 11:54 pm
I added a new movie by Abbot Flash and a movie by another artist I came across, on the 9th. And today I found the old site news from 2003 when it was all just getting started, and added it to the Archives page. It's also been over 10 days since the last-last update so I can finally close up the October 2006 page.

Now I've been working on that huge part of the site I've been talking about, but I really need some feedback on this one. Go over here to find out what the new part will be and give some feedback; it'll be greatly appreciated.

11.8.06 - 10:11 pm
Well today was officially FlashStuf's 3rd birthday! Since the days of The Flash Page 3 years ago, has been through 2 re-designs and now gets over 3,000 visitors a day. Just this week it was ranked number 81,289 for traffic. Basically, we've come a long way, and here's to many more.

Now unfortunately, I have nothing new for you because I've been working on my myspace. I redesigned it, just for a challenge. But I think it looks nice. Anyways, I might be working a bit more on a huge new part of the site that should be opened soon, and hopefully some new content.

11.7.06 - 11:02 pm
So today feels like a Sunday because I didn't have school. So you get a very Sunday-like update with a new MySpace tool, Find Your Friend ID and new calculator game Player Guess, which is a sequel/add-on to the now-newly-updated Number Guess.

11.4.06 - 11:22 am
We have yet another new member, Abbot Flash, and his flash game Perfect Summit. I'm also finishing up all the old flash pages today. And actually on the 2nd I put up a new page in the charts section, that shows the most online users.
Update - 10:27 pm
So finishing old flash pages didn't get done because I was gone all day, but I added a new picture, something I burped up today (true story). And, apologies to those who subscribe to the RSS feed, it is now updated and should stay that way.

11.2.06 - 6:00 pm
Added a new calculator program by our newest member, jboll3, called Science. Hopefully more to come very soon.