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So I lost some enthuiasm with that one movie I was working on.. Maybe I'll finish it this weekend.. I did, however, mess up the Shiny style sheet, but made a new one, Blue which I actually like (even added it to the left side of this page if you didn't notice). So check that one out. Oh and a new game.. Madness Interactive Family Guy Mod. Also fixed Madness Interactive. And if I get around to it, I'm actually working on a mod for it so look for that sometime.

Okay, I added this a few days ago but this is something I've been working on for a little while.. FlashStuf HTML Builder 0.7, and then 2 new movies.. Potter Puppet Pals and Potter Puppet Pals 2, and I'm actually working on a new animation, hoping to get it done sometime this week. So check back often, I'll be adding stuff.

Finally another update... If you haven't noticed already, I put up 6 new animations/games a while ago (just look above) and today I added a Chat room and a Free Links section. So check those out.

Update: You can now search the site for the animation or artist you're looking for: Search.

Another one: Added the little "Featured work" section just above.