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Added a new game: Base Jumping, and I'll update the top 10 soon. And possibly another game soon, but probably not today. Again i can't update from my own computer so there won't be too many updates coming up until i get it fixed.

I haven't been able to update lately because the program I'm forced to use to update recently got screwed up on my computer to where it won't even start and I can't get onto it so right now I'm using a different computer without any of my files on it. Anyways, I've been working on an offline version of the FlashStuf RSS Maker, and I should have that up soon. Otherwise I've been busy with other crap that takes up all my time like.. school. But today I managed to add the Myspace Profile Tracker as a joke because none of those actually work, but it does work for getting more people to the site. So hey. Also I have a new movie (not by me) I'll put on here soon.. And maybe a new one from me soon. Hopefully.