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Well, March is almost over and I haven't really updated much.. That should change in April. But for now, well a little while ago I added Mosquito, the virtual pet, and actually a new animation from one of our own artists Bluewharren! (Junior the Naughty Boy Ep. 3: Trailer)

As for today, I updated the top 10 animations, put up a new featured work (Helicopter), and added some navigation to the bottom of all the main non-flash pages. Also, I'm working on an online game, and I need some people to test it out. You can get more details here. And one last thing, I can take 3 more people who want a FlashStuf email address. Just email me and include your username ( and password you prefer (you can change it later).

Fixed the navigation at the top of the main pages so it now looks fine in Firefox. Also, you can now download Let's Wait In Line!

Added a Previously Featured page today, added all of January's news to the Archives page, and more navigation to some of the other main pages. I'll most likely be adding some more to other pages this weekend.
COMING SOON: Let's Wait In Line 2! for download, possibly another game OR pet, more navigation, and the weekly-updated Top 10 Animations and Featured Work.
Note: Don't forget about the RSS Feed, I'm keeping it up to date now.