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Ok, another RSS Maker update, but if you download this version, it'll automatically tell you when there's a new version out. Top 10 updated again, ill try for NOT a thursday next week.. And hopefully some new content soon. I keep saying it but it should be soon. Especially for the pets. Seriously that part of the site is getting really popular now too. I might have a contest soon for people who know flash. if you want to make a pet right now and you know flash, read this and you can make one instantly. Send it in and you could get famous! Maybe. It would be nice though.

As of 12:34 AM today, FlashStuf has had 101,777 visitors since November 8, 2003. So I had to announce that. Basically, we're doing well because that's almost 50,000 visitors in 2 months and it took over 2 ½ years to get to 50,000 the first time. But don't worry about any more updates like this. Well, maybe when we reach 1,000,000. What this means though? More updates. New content, and frequently. I'll try and keep this place as up-to-date as possible. What I really want to do and more than likely will do right away is make some more adoptable pets. I can pop new ones out quickly because they're so easy to make besides the drawing-them part, which is a royal pain in the ass to me. But if it's what you all want, it's what you'll get. So, check back often. And even subscribe to the RSS feed and get the most recent crap delivered right to you.

Well, I've recently been working on the Chicken Cheese Productions site for specifically my own work, and I can update it from my own computer since I'm just writing the entire thing by myself in HTML and CSS. Also, I finally updated RSS Maker. That new update fixes most of the bugs and everything, it should hold you over for a while. I updated the Top 10 (couldn't get to it earlier) and those will probably be more randomly updated now.. And with our now almost 1,000 unique visitors a day, I'll be trying my hardest to get some brand new content out here. For that and the very most recent news though, you should check the Chicken Cheese Productions site.

Finally, a new game! (Pendulumeca) I also updated the top 10 a few days ago, and should every week now since I don't have to manually do it anymore. I'm also working on another update for RSS Maker, and Desktop Switcher. Expect that update by tomorrow or definitely friday.

Again, sorry about the delay for any updates. I was actually planning on updating but that didn't work out so yes I'm updating on 06/06/06. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the updates will get much better or more often anytime soon, but I do have 2 new things I've been working on lately, an offline RSS Maker (if you've seen before, it couldn't even open or save files. Now it can). And Desktop Switcher, actually an original program I thought of and just a few days ago got working. That one should have a new update soon because I'm almost done with it and won't need my dad's computer to update it. Oh and also the top 10 has finally been updated. While you take a look at that, I'm going to see The Omen.