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A pretty big update for today (finally).. Added The Slippery Slide of Death Episode 3, the last one for a while like I said before, for about 3 weeks. Also, added a Help section, lets you know a little about the site if you're unsure about some things.. You can also access the help from the "Add to FlashStuf Favorites" button on the animation pages. And finally, well that's it. But some new site changes will be made this week. Some re-arranging, basically stuff to make it all look better. Look for that this week.

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Also, I'm going on vacation next week, for about 3 weeks, so there won't be any updates more than likely. If you have any content to submit, submit it now so I can get it up before I leave.

Again some very good news.. The software I use to update this site is finally working again! So this'll make it much easier to update now.. Hopefully I'll get the Featured Work section back on here, more animations with ratings and "Add to FlashStuf Favorites," and I'm gonna try to clean up the site a bit. If you haven't noticed, I just recently cleaned up the Chicken Cheese Productions site and converted it to XHTML and stuff but it would be way too hard with this site. Anyways, it'll be cleaned up a bit soon. And there will be hopefully 2 new animations on Sunday, but definitely at least 1.

Well I updated the archives page, it now has all the news from August 2005 until now. More and more animations and games are getting the ability to be rated, and added to your FlashStuf Favorites, and I'm working on a tool for the artists of this site to see the ratings on their animations. Also, if you don't know or don't want to use the RSS Feed, you can now sign up to receive updates by email, here.

The new series, The Slippery Slide of Death, will now be a weekly series, with a new episode coming out every Sunday. So check back this Sunday. Also, you can rate many more animations and games now, and I'll be adding even more soon. Don't forget to vote!

Well.. A very good day for this site. I added The Slippery Slide of Death Episode 1, a new series from Chicken, and got the old FlashStuf Favorites to work. All before 5 this morning too. So far, I only have the button on The Slippery Slide and of course Bang Bang Bang. I'll get it added to some more pages by tomorrow. I also made it so I can put it on every single animation/game on this site, so maybe that'll happen eventually too.

UPDATE: Some more good news.. There's now a way for the ratings to be updated automatically, and I'm putting it on some of the newer animations first, and later some more. Besides for Bloody Pingu Throw, all votes already made on the animations won't be counted.

Along with my birthday, today is the official 1 year anniversary of But yes, FlashStuf has been up since about November 8, 2003. It was just under Anyways, I made something new in flash, it's just a myspace thing. Or really anything else if you want. It's Message Typer, basically you customize it, add a message and it types it out for you. Go check it out and you'll see. Also, the Chicken Cheese Productions site has all animations up now. Go enjoy those too.

We now have a new artist, doubleobenny, and his new animation (Twinkletoes Part 1) to go along with that. And if anyone else wants to submit some flash work, remember to send it to this e-mail address. Also, the next RSS Maker update will be delayed. You can preview it, however, here (version 1.1.9).

Yoiu may not believe this but.. today.. I.. added a completely never before seen animation done by me. One you get over the shock, you can click here to watch Randomness in Widescreen. I actually made it about 2 months ago, but adding it the the Chicken Cheese Productions site (watch here (includes comments)) made me realize I have never put it on here and you all might enjoy some new content for once. Also, check out the Chicken Cheese Productions site, it has some news about my lack of new stuff and most of the animations I've ever created with comments from myself. Also, top 10 updated. And (as if I was going to update), I'm going to the beach this weekend. So no updates till monday at LEAST.