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Added a new download for something I made a while ago, Key Getter, and for those using a mobile device to see the site, you can just type in and it will redirect you. Expect some more updates before the end of the day.
Update: Added Tetris and Battleship.

I figured out the problem with the styles not working was with only with Firefox, so the most people probably won't get that problem. I'm still working on fixing all of the animation pages so the Firefox users (me included) won't see any problems.

Added 3 more games, and changed the main style a little bit. I'm also working on a page for all the old news and a fix for the FlashStuf favorites.
Update: Finished a new downloads page and the older news page.

I finally finished Let's Wait in Line 2! Made some improvements and well its better now. I will also update it frequently. So go check it out.

Update: You can discuss the game on the forums. Includes the SECRET OF THE WEEK!

Well I just decided to finish this thing I started a few months ago: Website Toy. You can put it on your website or wherever you want, and I'll have it for download soon.

Update: I got a few other opinions, and now I'm addin some more to it (in other words it is NOT done yet).

I've added some "Add to FlashStuf Favorites" buttons to some pages, including older ones (it now works on older animations) and it now checks if you have already added that animation to your favorites. I just ran into one problem, if you already added some favorites to your list you'll have to reset it because the links won't work. And when I get the time later today I'll add a few new animations to bring in the new year.

Update: Ok, favorites don't work, I'm tryin to fix it.. And new games and stuff soon.