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February 4, 2009

Facebook Application

The FlashStuf Facebook application is now officially complete. It seamlessly integrates your FlashStuf and Facebook accounts, and allows you to see what your Facebook friends are doing on FlashStuf. You also get instant access to the latest content without having to come to FlashStuf.

With the creation of this application, there is also another way to earn points on FlashStuf. Simply invite all your friends and you'll earn 5 points for every one that adds the application!

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February 3, 2009


Today we launch FlashStuf Blogs, a site for FlashStuf members and well anyone else out there who has ever wanted to have a place on the internet to post their thoughts and insights to the world. Note that this is completely free and open to everyone.

Registration takes no more than a minute, and you can get your blog at

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February 2, 2009

More Ratings and an App Update

While working on the new FlashStuf Facebook app, I've gone back and improved areas on the site that were just waiting to be fixed. This includes the video and tutorial sections which also have ratings added now.

The application is close to being finished, and will be submitted to the Facebook directory once it is. More goodies to come soon.

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