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So I've actually added a few things lately, I just didn't put up a news thing. I have been pretty busy with some site stuff lately, though. Recently I added the Adopt a Virtual Pet section, and just a few days ago made a second "virtual pet" for that. I also updated an old animation (Splatter), and just today added God's Playing Field. And finally, you can choose what you want the Featured Work to be by going here.

No new games or anything, but I'm working on a new section, FlashStuf Video ( You can probably guess by the name what's going to be in it. You can also get a little more information by clicking on that link. Other than that, there's some site stuff I'm working on and 3 new games: BattleSchtick, Stick Racer and Person Launcher (name will change). Expect another update soon

Well I've been busy working on some games lately.. 3 of them I'm kinda jumping around.. But I finally got to add 2 new games.. Cubefield and The Classroom 2. I'll be making some site changes this weekend probably..

Well I found out today that our school's filter now blocks this site. Go here, you can see how you can possibly get around the filter and post any other ideas you might have.
Also, we need some ideas.