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You can now add your favorite animations to a list on the front page to easily get to them. Just click on the plus sign above "Add to FlashStuf Favorites" on an animation page and it will be added to the front page. I'm still adding buttons to each page, and right now it looks like it'll only be on newer animations, but I'm working on it.

I have been adding stuff lately, just haven't put up "news" about it. ...But I am now. In the spirit of the holiday season, I have Snowglobe and The Night Santa Went Crazy. So enjoy those, and the other few I've added recently, and once I get my inspiration back I'll finish the 50,000 other projects I'm "working on."

I've had this section for a while but I never really had anything on it.. It's made for PDAs and has a few animations that you can watch even on a PDA and a game that I made especially for it. The section is (even though it's made for Pocket PCs). So you can add that to your mobile favorites and another important thing: you have to download the flash player for the Pocket PC if you don't already have it (download it here). Later, I might put up a version of Kill the Fireflies for the computer. Look for it soon.

Also added Winter. I did it last year, was gonna put it on the front page and bla bla but I decided to make it a screensaver because that's reallly the only purpose it could serve as. So, you can download that now by going to the download center or clicking on the link I just mentioned.

And I've had this one page up for a while that you could get to if you read the feed, but that's not workin so here it is: Music Player. You can get all the info on it on that page.

I found this old one that I guess I did about a year ago, I just don't remember where I was going with it or even why I named it what it is, so I decided to add it like it is cause it gave me a chuckle.. Dancing Stick. Oh, and took off the thing that said "Loading please wait" because it looked like it slowed down the page.

So I got bored and threw this together tonight: Scribbler. It draws a random picture and lets you print it. I just had the idea and decided to make it. Enjoy.