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The site has finally transferred over to the new host, and starting today I'll be working on cleaning it up and getting it organized again, especially since a few things aren't working after the switch. Also, I'm gonna open some new sections for the site. Some will be: - Upload your animations here to submit them - Sign up for a free POP/IMAP/Web e-mail address
And maybe some web space for anyone wanting to put a site up for free. So those will be soon, along with the last two games I've made being put on here.

I updated Let's Wait In Line 2! with some new features and fixes on the CCP site, not on here because the site still hasn't transferred and I can't do high scores with this host. So the game might actually be worth playing now!

The domain is still being transferred over to the new host and supposedly the site is going to go down for a day or so, I just don't know when. Anyways, a new game, The BUTTONS! that is being hosted on the new Chicken Cheese Productions site, It has a high score table, which will now probably be in a lot of games. Go check it out!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Starting sometime tomorrow, we're switching hosts so the site may be down for a few minutes, a few hours, I'm not quite sure. This will mean a few things. I'm gonna have about 1,000 e-mail accounts to give away, tons more bandwidth and web space, and I'll also be fixing up the old pages and hopefully getting the whole site all re-organized.

As for new content, I added a new download that I actually made about 3 years ago, Bouncy Balls! And possibly a new Slippery Slide episode coming up this weekend.

I removed some things on the front page that slowed it all down a bit, and added a Contact page. Pretty much the most important thing is how fast the page should load now. You'll probably notice a difference. All I removed was some images and the thing that showed how many users are online.

I may be on vacation but I still give you updates! A page on how to Get Latest Updates, and two new animations, Peanuts and Can't Touch That. Also, the long-awaited RSS Maker update. Enjoy those for a few days. Some more could be coming soon. Maybe, maybe not. Also, the Newest Content list is re-ordered with the newest content at the top.