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One down... A new game made to be a joke, even though i might add some more to it later.. Let's Wait in Line! so enjoy that one for a while.. it definitely TAKES a while..

I think we need some more games so I'll be adding a few today.. Right now the new ones: Gunny Bunny. ...Ok that was all for today but i just saw.. we reached the 10,000 visitors mark! So congratulations and for that, I'll work a bit harder on the 3 things I'm currently working on. Well, I'll try... but expect them soon.

Well I just got back from another week on vacation and really, I didn't feel like updating during that time. So now I have 3 new things, a new style that I think I might make the default one (Shiny), a new game: Flash Strike, and a new download Aim HTML Maker V2. I'm working on another 3D movie, so that should be done soon... And if you are subscribed this site's RSS feed, you can put a special music player on your site or just listen to the music.

I forgot to say, I'll be at the beach until the 14th so there won't be any updates.. But now I'm already AT the beach (they have the internet here) and I've been working on some things.. so I have something I did after I lost a bunch of work (Anger), and the Black and White style is now fixed. I'll more than likely update again later this week.

It is finally done! The major new features:

  • Content divided into Movies, FlashStuf Movies, Games, and Misc.
  • Older news removed
  • Faster load time
  • Changable styles
  • Links to the other pages
  • And a new layout, of course

I also added the code that remembers the layout you pick to the animation pages but I don't think it's working.. I'll try to get that fixed soon.. So everything is done except exactly how it lays out in Firefox. It wasn't working when it was offline but it looks like it is right now so.. most of the problems are fixed! I just have to fix the Black and White layout because it isn't ALL working.. but I also have 7 (well, 6) new animations for you since I haven't updated in a LONG time (although I was really waiting to finish the layout before I put up more animations). so.. here it is! Enjoy, and expect more updates soon!