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Matt Baer - Well, that animation that I was talking about above turned out a little different than I had planned. I finished it, but it was a lot shorter than I had thought, but it still worked out ok. It goes really fast (lasts only 2.9 seconds), and doesn't have sound or any titles, but there will be another one soon that will be longer and have sound. But you can see this one above titled "Fight1".
Matt Baer - I am currently working on a new animation with sound... It is 2 stick figures fighting and will most likely be my best one after experimenting with the other ones... Webmaster - Soon, we will have a new artist doing flash animations. It is Houston Delporte from the artists page We will also be changing around the pages that the flash files are viewed on. They will include the:

* Author notes

* What it is rated (everyone, teen, mature) (more about ratings)

* What people are rating it (plus a form to rate it)

* And any extra information that is needed