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Well, I've been meaning to update for the past couple days but I finally got a chance to now.. I updated the Top 10 (Bloody Pingu Throw is finally out of the number one position!) but the main thing was, i was going to update saying FlashStuf has passed the 50,000 visitor mark, but by today we were up to 52,151. So woohoo! And as a celebration, I have a flash application I've been working on.. FlashStuf Movie Player (page is sorta under construction), and a new game, Orbox. Also a new page, Hide Comments & Friends (Myspace). Hopefully more to come tomorrow and through the week.

Top 10 updated again, and apparently we've been getting a load of hits from people putting Bang Bang Bang on myspace (which would probably explain why its number 3 this week).. So I made a new video player that lets you pause the video and will also save me some bandwidth. But muting doesnt work. yet. But I'm workin on it.

Updated the weekly top 10 animations, and added the FlashStuf RSS Maker. I made it mostly for myself so I'd update this site's RSS feed more often but I decided to share it with everyone! You can use it just on the site or download it for yourself.